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Although the price of our battery charger is relatively high, the quality is outstanding. Overseas procurement is tired of this kind of low-quality products. Because we optimize the process better, making us take into account the rate simultaneously, improve the supply chain, the production cost is lower, so we set up the brand HJBP Charger.

Product advantages

The biggest advantage of our battery chargers is that they are  beautiful,  light, quality and cost-effective.

We are in the wholesales and solution business for multi-type battery chargers, service for industrial customers and electric products manufacturers, because the value of the battery chargers is from low to high via different output power, whether is pass certificate, and the MOQ quantity is not same via different output power, so it is easy for customers to make purchase decisions after seeing the battery chargers on the website.

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Platform advantages

We have been launching the B2B platform before, but the effect has declined seriously in recent years, so we need to do a website to do marketing for battery chargers.

Although the price of our competitors’ products is very low, but the quality is very poor, overseas procurement is tired of this kind of low-quality products. Endless after-sales complaints.

Why Choose HJBP Power Battery Charger

Instant Response

Response 2 x 24 business hours, 2 hours in business days(Monday to Friday)

Bulk Shipping

Bulk battery chargers order ship by sea. Can delivery most port of worldwide.

Quick Shipping

Emergency orders, Support ship by express or by air.

Quality Control

ISO9001 quality manage system.

From element to productas.


Safety for your business and money.


Battery charger can be use many years

OEM Available


Global Support

Battery charger worldwide.

Purchasing Steps

You visit the website first, and then send us an inquiry on the website by filling in the form. Our salesman will quote the price to you after getting the purchase information. After the two sides confirm all the transaction details, we will send samples to you. After you is satisfied with the sample, You will give us the final order.

After we have finished producing your bulk order battery chargers, its will be sent to you by sea or by air.

Instant Quote Now

We will contact you within 2-3 business days, please pay attention to the email with the suffix “@huajupower.com”

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